Alice Mulder grafisch ontwerp & illustratie

Illustrator Alice Mulder takes you to faraway places in her work, such as a motel in California or the mountains in Canada. Her illustrations have a graphic look due to the minimal colour palette. She often uses language as an image aspect and her artworks have a pleasant atmosphere because of the risograph technique or added textures. In just a few lines you are in another world. She also makes light-hearted comics that examine everyday life. Sometimes she adds subtle (language) jokes, therefore the illustrations are more than just a beautiful drawing. As a result, her work often has an 'edge' or a deeper layer. Because of that, she can provide articles with an original angle.

Alice illustrates travel, nature and cultural stories and can handle many different subjects. She enjoys working for newspapers, magazines and publishers.

Thanks to her experience as a graphic designer, Alice is organized and has the necessary technical knowledge.

Clients: The Covent Gardener, Filmhuis Den Haag, Zeeheldennieuws (The Hague), De Vries Van Stockum bookstores, Lisa's Choice Glutenfree, Leiden University, and others.
Her risoprints and cards are available at various stores and online through Etsy.

Photo by Gabrielle @